Damn, for those of you who know me know how close I was to my little brother, & I cannot believe that on wednesday it’ll mark 10 years that you’re gone… It still feels unreal to me.. Sometimes I sit & wonder why God chose you but then I quickly remember that everything happens for a reason I may not know the reason today & I may never find out, there is also confusion & questions that are unanswered…like why
such a good person could have something go so wrong with them?
why did they have to suffer? there are no clear answers to these questions. Some people say that it is just a fact of life & accept it. But, really it seems to be unjustified. There is also anger. You might feel totally cheated. You could feel all alone. The future without them looks kind of dull & pointless. This is the grieving process that we go through. We long to be with those we love. Everyone thinks that tears are a weakness & that you should just grin and bear it. Tears are not a weakness or a sign of not handling things well. They are the true deep love we have for someone else and the longing to be with them. Tears help bring us peace. It doesn’t take very much to have them in our eyes when we see someone wear something similar to what they did, or are built the way they were, or do something that reminds us of them.
There is no limit on how long it takes till a person never feels the pain of loss…it can even last a lifetime.. Please continue to watch over me. #MyOwnGuardianAngel ❀️ I’ll always love you. πŸ˜ͺ #FuckCancer 3.16.1993 - 9.24.2004. #MyBrothersKepper. πŸ‘ΌπŸ™

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